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Asia Lighting Designer Salon(Hangzhou):"G20 Summit Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Lighting Renewal" successfully closed

During 8th-9th August, 2016, the Asia Lighting Designer Salon(Hangzhou) held by Asian Association of Lighting Designer (AALD), China Lighting Integrator Association (CLIA), YD Illumination etc., was successfully closed. There were over 50 people from the Grand Canal Group, City Management Committee Lighting Regulation Center of Hangzhou, Gongshu District Urban Administration of Hangzhou, representatives of CLIA and lighting industry professionals attended the Salon.

Night Scene Inspection

On 8th August, all the participants attended the feast and met for a good talk. The chairman of AALD Ren Yuanhui, representative of CLIA Sheng Yongjian and General Manager of YD Illumination Xu Songyan addressed atthe feast.

After the feast,all the guests made an investigation on the night lighting along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and inspected the achievement of G20 Summit Grand Canal lighting renewing.

Night lighting investigation passed through seven main lighting renewing projects along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal: making engagement on “Qingyuan bridge”, childlike colorful mushroom, ripened spring in water mist wonderland, multicolored traditional stage, The beauty sang alone while playing the ancient Chinese zither, Lights from fishing boats are sparkling in the night market of Beiguan,ten miles Yinhu villa glowworms shining bright.

Compared the Grand Canal lighting renewing with former lighting projects, breaking through innovation in concept, scale, technology, skill, is second to none at home. Ten miles Yinhu villa glowworms shining bright project adopted YD LED point light source, by replicating willow shape, the lights are fixed on the willows along the Grand Canal. Satellite synchronization fully implemented synchronized and single light control. Ten miles lighting is dreamlike just like the glowworms shining bright. At water's edge of West Lake Cultural Square, The lighting show of Lampshade whose colors and forms of expression change greatly. With sometimes gradient, sometimes rotating,subjects changing on holiday, it looked like a blossoming of colorful lovely glowing mushroom and was highly recognized by the investigation group.

Theme Meeting

The meeting started at 9 am of August 9, and hosted by the chairman of AALD Mr Ren Yuanhui of AALD and the Secretary General of CLIA Mr. Mabin. Mr.Dong Zhong, the deputy director of the Management Committee of Hangzhou Lighting Supervision Center, addressed at the meeting.

The meeting around the G20 Canal lighting renewing and sharing the experiences of the lighting, the meeting has invited the professional lighting company representatives to give their own opinions on the lighting design and construction etc., the Salon has strengthened the communication between enterprises and designers and the communication between enterprises.

Wei Sheng, Vice Presidentof Urban Planning and Design Institute of Zhejiang

Topic: The Canal Night TourProduct Introduction

Beijing-Hangzhou GrandCanal lighting was originally designed by a French designer Roger Boni, he tookChinese ink painting as the theme for the design of the overall lighting. Asthe vice representative of Urban Planning and Design Institute of Zhejiang,Shenwei gave his opinion on how to make the Grand Canal more spectacular andmaking it a popular tourism line--by adding node lighting on the originalblue-green Chinese ink painting. The total length ofthe design scope is 6320 meters, which has set up 40 nodes including 7important nodes.

Gen Hong, Vice General Manager, Binghe Construction Group Limited Company

Topic: Four NewTechnology”---Light Up the Grand Canal

As the construction and installation company of this Canal renewing project, the Binhe Construction Group Limited Company Vice General Manager Gen Hong, explained Canal lighting renewing project from the construction angle. The difficulty of Canal renewinglies in the branches of trees stretch over the river surface, so the installation will be finished by cooperating with big ship and  ladder truck. Meanwhile in order not to influence the daytime appearance of the landscape, some tube lines adopted bark-proofmaterial to reach the best effect. 

Songyan Xu, Chairman andGeneral Manager of Hangzhou YD Illumination Co., LTD

Topic: YD Illumination2015-2016 Domestic & Overseas Typical Cases

Chairman and General Manager of Hangzhou YD Illumination Co., LTD Songyan Xu introduced the development history of YD Illumination and the application of YD Double Protection LED lights in G20 lighting renewing projects to the guests, then shared YD 2015-2016 newest Domestic & Overseas Typical Cases.

Mng Zhang,Professor, Ph.D., Tongji University

Topic: Integrated Lighting Design

However,Ming Zhang, Professor, Ph.D. at Tongji University analyzes lighting design in a architect's point of view. He makes a point of integrated lighting design and advocates combining functional lighting with landscape lighting. And he said, the current urban lighting is pursuing over saturation and luminosity and is lacking of concern about function of lighting design area, which will result in urban lighting design identical. Mr. Zhang's views gain consent of the guest, leading to toobright, over-saturation of discussion.  with big ship and  ladder truck. Meanwhile in order not to influence the daytime appearance of the landscape, some tube lines adopted bark-proofmaterial to reach the best effect. 

Hasan Bahadori,Senior Lighting Designer of RGE Lighting Design

Topic: TypicalLighting Project in Iran

The Senior RGE Lighting Designer Hasan Bahadori shared four lighting design projects. They were Iran showroom, Government Center of Iran, JAIADIEH Bridge and Shopping Mall in Teheran. It drew everyone’s attention to the interaction of lighting with humans.

Ning Xu Expert inlighting environment and design、project planner、interactive lighting designer.

Topic: Lightingthe Future

Ning Xu is one of the initiator of lighting environment in Communication University of China. And he is the expert in lighting environment and design、project planner、interactive lighting designer. He discussed what is interactive lighting environment. As he said, the first is Visual viewing, the second is interaction and the last one is the feedback of environment. He said that the most important of lighting interactive is lights could give the viewer special feeling both in psychology and mentality.


Jiazhen Jiang,Vice President of China Lighting Integrators Association(CLIA) praised this salon.  Ms. Jiang noted that the people gathered here to exchange and make greater contribution to the urban night and hoped that such activities will not cease,continuing to provide such a platform for trade exchange.

Jiazhen Jiang,Vice President of China Lighting Integrators Association(CLIA) 

Bing Ma, Secretary General of China Lighting Integrators Association (CLIA) praised the salon was a successful exchange meeting. In the activities, conference participants shared their successful experience of the transformation of the canal lighting, becoming the model of domestic lighting industry.

BingMa, Secretary General of China Lighting Integrators Association (CLIA)

At the end of the meeting, Chairman of AALD Yuanhui Ren concluded that this is a great opportunity for the participant to give out their own opinions freely from different point of views. Even though there are many different opinions, it is a very good chance for them to think from different point of views, thus giving a bright future to lighting market.

Chairman of AsianAssociation of Lighting Designer, Yuanhui Ren

In the afternoon,participants visited YD Illumination Co., LTD, General Manager Songyan Xu led them to the R&D center and production department and invited them to participate in the interaction with lighting which has left deep impress on them.

During this activity, the renewing of Grand Canal Lighting was taken as a example by the professional lighting officials. By discussing and sharing, raised some new ideas of lighting developing.